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The Agri Terra Group invests in agricultural and real estate projects in Paraguay for its own account as well as for third parties. Together with investors from all over the world, we are involved in the area of citrus plantations and orange juice production, we are dedicated to the sustainable cultivation of organic fruit and vegetables in greenhouses and extensive cattle breeding. We implement real estate and hotel projects and are involved in land banking. We believe that a successful company must be in harmony with its employees and in harmony with nature.

The interplay between sustainability, corporate profit generation and the human factor should always be in a healthy relationship and should not be contradictory. We stand for more cooperation and less opposition. We do not measure success in monetary terms, but rather by the degree of satisfaction of our employees, partners and customers. Only those who see a satisfied, tidy person in the mirror in the morning, only those who can look others in the eye without bias can call themselves successful.

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What agriculture means in Paraguay and what makes the Agri Terra Group special is explained by the management of the group. Are you interested in agricultural investments in Paraguay? Contact us!

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The Agri Terra Group specializes in investments in land ownership and agricultural projects in Paraguay, where it is one of the most important agricultural investors. Among other things, it manages and operates the third largest citrus fruit cultivation area in the country and the largest greenhouse complex for fruit and vegetables.




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