26.07.2018: Agri Terra to Donate School, Soup Kitchen - Agri Terra KG - Investitionen die natürlich wachsen!
27.08.2018: Growing Profits Naturally with Farmland Investing
27. August 2018

26.07.2018: Agri Terra to Donate School, Soup Kitchen

Munich-based Agri Terra Group is currently present in seven countries on three continents, and the group grows fast. Its clients invest in agricultural projects such as orange plantations, cattle farms or vegetable greenhouses mainly in Paraguay, and other Latin countries. “In Paraguay, the surrounding conditions are next to perfect for investing in agriculture,” explains Carsten Pfau, the group’s CEO. “We generate double-digit returns for our clients, and we make a lot of money ourselves. But investment should not be limited to projects alone, it should also consider social aspects,” the German entrepreneur continues…


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